Why You Should Book a Cottage for Your Hen Weekend

Why You Should Book a Cottage for Your Hen Weekend

For any woman, their wedding day is one of the most important days of their lives. And while the wedding day is incredibly important, it also brings with it mountains of stress and responsibility, as everyone attempts to make the big day absolutely perfect.

And that’s where hen weekends come in.

They’re the perfect opportunity for the future bride and her friends to let loose and have some fun before all the formalities involved with the wedding ceremony. Hen weekends are supposed to be fun, and should be a chance for the future bride to take it easy and truly enjoy herself. This is why it’s a great idea to rent one of the many big cottages that are offered by a variety of companies, specifically for the purpose of hen weekends away.

So if you’re tasked with planning a hen party for one of your besties, here are some great reasons to book one of the holiday house packages offered by companies such as Celebration Cottages.

You Can Pick the Ideal Location

One great reason to book a luxury party house for your hen weekend is because you can choose one of many beautiful and exciting locations. Is your hen a city girl, or does she love the country? Is she the type to want to lounge about next to a pool all day, or to hike around in the mountains?

When you rent a cottage for your luxury hen weekend, you’re free to choose the ideal location for your hen based on her interests.

Plenty of Space for Your Guests

For those that try and host their hen weekend at home, or in a hotel, space can often become an issue. You want enough room to sleep all of the bridesmaids comfortably, and this many hotel rooms can end up being even more expensive than it would be to rent one of the large party houses offered by companies such as Celebration Cottages.

By sharing the same house you’ll also be able to spend more time with those that are closest with the bride, making it a more intimate affair.

Eliminates Most of the Hassle

When you rent your cottage through a company that also specializes in luxury hen party packages, they can take care of much of the hassle for you.

Whether you want to organize an in-house chef, host a wine tasting, hire a cheeky butler to serve you in the buff, or even have some clay pigeon shooting, any qualified company that specialises in hen weekends should be more than able to accommodate your requests. Therefore, all you need to do is make some calls, and the experts will take care of the rest!

Choose a Company that Specializes in Hen Weekends

If, after considering your options, you make the wise decision to book a cottage for your hen weekend, you should look into Celebration Cottages as your primary source. With years of experience organising hen weekends of all types, the experts at Celebration Cottages will set you up with a cottage, and if desired, organise the perfect weekend getaway for any hen. Please visit their site here to see their luxury hen party packages. For any other queries, feel free to contact Celebration Cottages by phone on 01484 681083, or by email at

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