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The Essential Ingredients to the Perfect Hen Weekend

The Essential Ingredients to the Perfect Hen Weekend

So it’s finally happening, one of your besties is getting married and you’ve been chosen to be a bridesmaid. Although this is an honour, it comes with the enormous responsibility of organizing the perfect hen party for the bride to be. While this can be enough to cause stress in anybody’s life, it’s important to remember that hen weekends are supposed to be fun.  You want to help create an experience that the bride and all of her friends will remember for the rest of their lives.  For this reason it’s often easier to simplify things by employing the help of professionals, and paying for one of many luxury hen party packages that are available. Either way, whether paying for a package or not, there are several vital ingredients necessary to organizing the ideal weekend for the future bride!

Rent a Luxury Party House

The main ingredient to creating the perfect hen weekend is to have a beautiful place to stay. After dancing and drinking the nights away, you and your girlfriends are going to need a place to sleep it off. This will also be a gathering place, a place to hold your meals and most importantly, a place to party. The ideal house would be large enough to easily accommodate all of your guests, and have plenty of quality amenities such as a pool and hot tub. Much of your weekend will be spent here, so it’s vital that you choose the ideal location. By booking through a professional service that specializes in luxury hen weekends, you can easily locate big cottages or party houses that will meet any requirements that you may have.

Amazing Food

Great food is one of the essential ingredients to any good party, and a hen party is no exception. This is why you should consider hiring a private chef to accommodate your perfect party house. Sure, you could go out to a fancy restaurant, but this is a hen party, so that little extra bit of effort is what really makes it special.

Hire a Photographer

While I’m sure there will be plenty of things that will happen over the course of your weekend which absolutely should not be photographed, chances are there will be plenty of moments you’ll want to capture as well. Hiring a professional photographer to help to remember and share this special occasion with your loved is a must for any hen do.

Use the Professionals

This weekend will be one of the most important events in a young woman’s life.  So if you’ve been tasked with organizing it, the best route to making it perfect is by hiring those that specialize in planning hen parties. Whether looking to book luxury party houses, organize events for the special weekend or hire a private chef, the people at Celebration Cottages can assist you. Celebration Cottages has a variety of beautiful properties available for you to host the perfect hen weekend. For any further questions or assistance in planning your event, please contact us by phone at 01484 681083, or by email at bookings@celebrationcottages.co.uk

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