Hen Party Houses: Stay in or go out?


Hen Party Houses: Stay in or go out?

When you hire a big party house, you’ll have bags of space to hang out with your friends and sometimes the luxury of a pool or hot-tub.

But when a Friday or Saturday night rolls around and you’re only a cab ride away from a city centre; consider if you actually need to go out. With plenty of food, drink and entertainment options, you just might swap a big night out for a big night in!

Private Chef & Catering Services

With your own large kitchen to cook in, you could arrange a game to cook a meal in groups setting each a starter, main or desert and have your own version of Masterchef!

Or you can hire in your own private chef ready to serve your menu to you and your hens. We have plenty of options for dinner, breakfast and afternoon teas to make your party perfect. Why not pair a private chef with some Butlers in the Buff?

Cocktail Making

Make your Coyote Ugly fantasies come true with a full cocktail making service, complete with barman! Pick your spirits and mixers and get ready to sip the night away knowing your bedroom isn’t far away.

Spa Treatments

It’s not just food and drink that you can get delivered to our party houses; you can also request a full range of beauty services. They’ll pamper you with their own products and come fully licenced and equipped to glam you up, or wind you down.

Murder Mystery

Get dressed up and in to character as you take on the murder mystery that plays out in front of your eyes. This incredibly popular service can be paired with a chef to give a full evening’s activity.

Life Drawing

Sharpen a pencil and get sketching! Bring in a model and she who has the most talent on an easel; just pick your materials.

With such a choice of entertaining options delivered to your door, then the temptation is to stay in and let the party come to you! Take a look at our fantastic hen party ideas including all of the above and more. 

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