Great Ideas for a Relaxing Hen Weekend

Great Ideas for a Relaxing Hen Weekend

While many people have a tendency to focus on the party aspects of hen weekends, for many hens a party isn’t exactly what they’re looking. With all the stress of making sure that everything’s perfect for the wedding day, why not use the hen weekend as a chance for your hen and her girlfriends to take it easy and relax?

Organizing the weekends away of all those that have been invited to this momentous event is no simple task. Fortunately, the highly experienced professionals at Celebration Cottages can easily help you to put together the perfect girlie getaway for the hen that’s just looking for a nice weekend to be pampered and chill out. Here are some great suggestions for the ideal relaxing hen weekend.

Rent Your Own Private Villa

One big hassle that can easily be avoided is trying to figure out where to house all the guests. While there are a variety of options available, renting one of many holiday house packages or big cottages that are available through companies such as Celebration Cottages is sure to make the whole experience a lot more hassle free.  This weekend is supposed to be relaxing after all, so renting your private villa from a company that specializes in organizing hen parties can greatly simplify the whole entire process.

Make Sure Your Hen is Properly Pampered

No relaxing weekend would be complete without a little pampering. That’s why most ideal luxury hen weekends will include an array of indulgent activities that will make any hen feel completely spoiled.

From soothing spa treatments, to an excessive number of massages, if you want a properly pampered hen you need to go all out. This, as well as other relaxing treatments can easily be arranged through Celebration Cottages.

Arrange Some Fun yet Relaxing Activities

Just because your hen weekend is intended to be relaxing, doesn’t mean that it should be boring. There are a variety of fun, yet more low key activities that you can arrange for your perfect hen weekend.

First off, why not make your weekend an educational one? By arranging a laid back wine tasting or cocktail making course, you and the girls can enjoy some drinks and have a bit of fun, all while taking it easy. You could also arrange an exciting casino or murder mystery night, all while remaining snug in your beautiful villa. Another great and relaxing way that the future bride and her friends can spend a day is through organized yoga classes. These, and many other fun ways to spend you peaceful hen weekend can also be arranged through Celebration Cottages.

If you would like the organising process to be relaxing as well, and then don’t hesitate to contact Celebration Cottages. With years of experience organising hen parties, we can arrange ideal hen weekends in the UK. So let us handle all the stress involved in creating the perfect relaxing weekend for the hen in your life and contact us by phone at 01484 681083, or by email at

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