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Fun and Healthy Activities for an Active Hen Do

Fun and Healthy Activities for an Active Hen Do

When most people think of hen parties, one of the last things that they’ll usually associate with them is healthy activities such as yoga or walking. But as the party lifestyle may not appeal to all hens, some prefer a more active and healthy hen weekend. These hens prefer to rent big cottages, and to spend their party being active and healthy.

Hen weekends that are healthy don’t have to be boring either, as there are numerous fun and healthy activities available to choose from. So here are some great ways for you and your closest friends to throw a hen party that won’t shorten your lifespans!

Group Yoga

The perfect balance of exercise and spirituality, yoga is a great way to connect with oneself while helping to build your core strength. This is a great activity to include for the hen that is in touch with her spiritual side, and also appreciates a little bit of sweat. There are plenty of companies that can help to arrange private yoga lessons for everyone that’s attending your hen do.

Walking in Nature

Walking through the countryside and appreciating its natural beauty is another great way to enjoy the company of your friends while getting a bit of exercise. If spending time getting fresh air and admiring nature is the future brides idea of a perfect weekend, and then it’s a good idea to consider renting a luxury mansion that is set in a beautiful location, such as in the mountains, or by a lake.

Private Chef to Cook Only Healthy and Delicious Cuisine

One of the most important fundamentals of maintaining a healthy body is eating nutritious food. Therefore, if your hen values her health and then it’s a good idea to have a company provide a private chef.

This way the menu can easily be controlled by you, and if you use a reputable chef from a company that you can trust, and then you can be assured that your food will be of incredibly high quality.

Outdoor Games

Another fun idea that keeps to the theme of a healthy hen weekend is holding some outdoor sporting activities.Trainers can be arranged to come and run through a variety of fun games that are sure to entertain.

Private Massage

After all the activities, the hen and the ladies can unwind with a private massage. This is great for the muscles, especially after all the activities that you’ll be engaging in throughout the day.

Rent a Big Cottage to Hold All Activities

In order to organize the perfect healthy hen weekend, you’re going to need a large place for you and the party guests to gather, sleep and hold activities. This is why it’s an excellent idea to rent a big cottage or luxury party house to host your hen do. When you rent from a company that specialises in hen parties, such as Celebration Cottages, not only will you get a beautiful home to hold your party, but they can help to arrange all activities as well, from outdoor games to yoga.

If you are looking for some ideas for your hen party, or have any other questions and then don’t hesitate to contact Celebration Cottages by phone on 01484 681083, or by email at bookings@celebrationcottages.co.uk; or click here to see their available rentals, all designed specifically with hen parties in mind.

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