Coronavirus Update 2/4/20

 A Heartfelt Personal Note

Firstly and most importantly we hope that everyone is staying safe and keeping healthy.

As a small family run business, we see the effects this crisis is having on everyone, which is why it is important for us to acknowledge what everyone is going through.

We have played a significant part in arranging so many celebrations for you in 2020, its absolutely devastating for us to know that the Wedding you have dreamed of and of course the many celebrations you had planned are not likely to go ahead in these coming months.

We as a team wanted to take the time to let everyone know that we have so much compassion for every single person who has had to cancel any plans and will do our upmost to make sure we help you celebrate at a future date when this National Crisis is over.

As a small family run business it is important for us to say a huge Thank You for all the support we have been shown and the lovely comments and emails we have received in what we can only describe as an absolutely devastating time for all concerned. We have received heart felt emails and consideration for us as a small business and it is never going to be forgotten that we can unite in a time like this and all help each other. We are all so very proud to have you as our guests and we can’t wait for brighter times to make your celebration dreams come true!

Letting you behind the scenes

Overnight this has changed the dynamics of our business and as we are sure everyone will understand we have had to let some valued members of staff  go, but rest assured they are on stand by for when there is light at the end of the tunnel. Our remaining dedicated team are working around the clock to ensure we offer the best support and service possible while we are all in this situation. We will deal with all emails the same day where possible (excluding weekends).

Its important that we say a massive Thank you to all our staff, through no fault of theirs they are under a considerable amount of pressure and when used to dealing and planning happy occasions for everyone, its distressing to deal with so many postponements.



What we are doing

  • We are working with some fabulous owners and suppliers to ensure all dates & activities  in this crisis can be postponed within a 2 year period, but we are dealing with the most imminent bookings first, we will be in contact with every guest in due course, please just bear with us.
  • There will be no extra charges to pay for moving any dates – we will NOT be putting any prices up, all prices will remain the same for the accommodation & activities.  We will reimburse any guest the difference in cost if they book a midweek stay/ or Sunday Celebration as opposed to their original weekend booking if this works out at a cheaper price.
  • We are working closely with some owners to build their portfolio of houses in this period, in order to be able to offer more key dates.
  • Social Media – We are going to try and keep peoples spirits up by posting happy content, there is so much on social media about the coronavirus and the effects its having it can get very overwhelming and cause extreme anxiety, so we have decided to try and post content that is light-hearted and will just make people smile even for a moment.



We all have to keep positive and look for the future, Team Celebration would like to acknowledge what a fabulous job the NHS staff and key workers are doing looking after us all. When brighter times come & they will,  we will be the first to offer the opportunity for some NHS Front Line Workers & Key Workers to have FREE STAYS with us – LET US LOOK AFTER YOU!!!!!

In a time of Crisis for everyone individually and businesses alike, it’s really meant the world to us to see so many of you try and support our business, you are truly fabulous guests!!!  As a SPECIAL THANK YOU to all those who were due to stay and have to postpone – when we see light at the end of the tunnel, we will design a FREE MEMBERSHIP to all of our loyal guests in this period, offering loyalty reward schemes and free competitions to win free stays & giveaways -  its HEART WARMING  to see the compassion for us as a small business and all the heart felt emails we have received, we are proud to have you as our guests and let’s get through this together!!

 Thank you from everyone at Team Celebration, stay safe & take care! xxx


Booking info

  • If you have a booking and are due to stay in April – if we have not been able to contact you yet – please email  bookings@celebrationcottages.co.uk
  • If you are due to stay In May – we will be in touch Mid – later April with an update for you and of course if the situation hasn’t changed we will happily postpone your dates and activities within a 2 year period.
  • If you are due to pay your balance and would like to speak to someone – please email bookings@celebrationcottages.co.uk so we can assist you further.
  • If you have any further concerns & would like assistance with anything please email bookings@celebrationcottages.co.uk