5 Large Houses with Hot Tubs


4 Big House Stays in January

As the chill settles in across the UK, it’s easy to forget that spring and summer are just a few short months away. In the zero temperatures the idea of partying outside might seem like a silly idea… but a hot tub might just change your mind. Reaching a lovely 39 degrees, a nice hot tub can make a celebration with a glass of fizz and a group of friends. Gaze at the stars or just relax. Still not convinced? How about a large holiday house with an indoor hot tub? Some of our beautiful big houses have both!

Here are some big hot tub houses to mull over!

Luxury Barn Retreat in South Wales
Sleeps up to 10 – 3 Bedrooms – 3 Bathrooms – Outdoor Hot Tub – Log Burner – Beautiful Gardens


This rustic barn is ready to welcome you and 9 of your best friends for a countryside weekend away. Pop a cork or two, and kick-back and admire the rolling Camarthen hills then head in to the log burner for a cosy night in.

East Manor Cottage in North Yorkshire
Sleeps up to 22 – 10 Bedrooms – Outdoor pagoda covered hot tub


Offering enough room for 22 friends and family in 10 rooms, East Manor Cottage can also offer a covered hot tub; giving you access to the elements without having to be rained off! Later on you can start the log fire and hide out from the wind and rain in total warmth.

Leeds Hen Party Penthouse
Sleeps 8 to 10 – 2/3 Bedrooms –  Rooftop Hot Tub – Leeds City Centre Penthouse


This epic party pad gives you the opportunity to enjoy a hot tub whilst gazing over the vibrant city of Leeds. Kick start a night out with a glass or 2 in the tub as the sounds of the city surround you. The bars are minutes away, but given the rooftop tub; you might never get to them!

House Martin Farm
Sleeps 16 to 23 – 8 Bedrooms – Private outdoor hot tub


Doncaster might not be the first location to come to mind when planning a party; but this farmhouse is set to change your mind. 8 bedrooms and plenty of space is just the tip of the iceberg; take in the the orchards and explore the acres of grounds. Not keen on moving? The hot tub in the garden is the perfect solution!

Yorkshire Country House & Spa
Sleeps 12 to 18 – 7 Bedrooms –  Two 6/8-Seater Hot Tubs – Badminton/Volleyball Court + Football Goals


This is the house with 2 hot tubs – one outside, and one within. Pick the tub to suit and while away the hours after a game of badminton or volleyball. This 18th century beauty is ready for party, holiday or celebration.


See all of our party houses and find the perfect place for your next celebration!

5 Great Christmas Markets

5 Great Christmas Markets

December is here, and the airwaves are filled with Christmas tunes as everyone winds down towards the big day. If you’re up for braving the cold and heading to one of the many Christmas Markets, then we have 5 to recommend.


St Nicholas Fair offers a market, ice skating and panto against the iconic backdrop of York’s historic centre.

Festive treats and mulled wine awaits visitors, together with some fantastic stalls spread around Parliament Street, St Sampson’s Square, Coppergate and The Shambles.


Up until the 13th December, Bath’s streets are lined with over 200 wooden chalets filled with local goodies. The market is a jewel in the South-West’s crown, and we’d recommend that if you go to jump on a park and ride bus rather than take-on the city centre!


Another market adopting the German-style wooden chalets. Dive into the festive spirit with live music and plenty of mulled beverages. Over 50 stalls including fudge, cheese and a full hog roast!

Leeds Christkindelmarkt

Christkindlmarkt returns to Leeds centre until 22nd December, with 40 wooden chalets and all manner of Bavarian treats to get the whole family in to the Christmas spirit!  If this isn’t enough for you, then why not try Castle Howard’s 12 Days of Christmas featuring a 25ft tree with over 3,000 baubles!


Last and by no means least, Manchester will have over 300 market stalls and chalets until 22nd December offering local and European gifts and feasting. Hungarian Goulash? Sure! Spanish Paella? No problem! There’s a hog roast as well for the traditionalists!

Whichever Christmas market you fancy treating friends and family to, we have a great selection of houses nearby our top 5 if you fancy making it a full weekend of festive cheer! See our large holiday houses!


Why You Should Book a Cottage for Your Hen Weekend

Why You Should Book a Cottage for Your Hen Weekend

For any woman, their wedding day is one of the most important days of their lives. And while the wedding day is incredibly important, it also brings with it mountains of stress and responsibility, as everyone attempts to make the big day absolutely perfect.

And that’s where hen weekends come in.

They’re the perfect opportunity for the future bride and her friends to let loose and have some fun before all the formalities involved with the wedding ceremony. Hen weekends are supposed to be fun, and should be a chance for the future bride to take it easy and truly enjoy herself. This is why it’s a great idea to rent one of the many big cottages that are offered by a variety of companies, specifically for the purpose of hen weekends away.

So if you’re tasked with planning a hen party for one of your besties, here are some great reasons to book one of the holiday house packages offered by companies such as Celebration Cottages.

You Can Pick the Ideal Location

One great reason to book a luxury party house for your hen weekend is because you can choose one of many beautiful and exciting locations. Is your hen a city girl, or does she love the country? Is she the type to want to lounge about next to a pool all day, or to hike around in the mountains?

When you rent a cottage for your luxury hen weekend, you’re free to choose the ideal location for your hen based on her interests.

Plenty of Space for Your Guests

For those that try and host their hen weekend at home, or in a hotel, space can often become an issue. You want enough room to sleep all of the bridesmaids comfortably, and this many hotel rooms can end up being even more expensive than it would be to rent one of the large party houses offered by companies such as Celebration Cottages.

By sharing the same house you’ll also be able to spend more time with those that are closest with the bride, making it a more intimate affair.

Eliminates Most of the Hassle

When you rent your cottage through a company that also specializes in luxury hen party packages, they can take care of much of the hassle for you.

Whether you want to organize an in-house chef, host a wine tasting, hire a cheeky butler to serve you in the buff, or even have some clay pigeon shooting, any qualified company that specialises in hen weekends should be more than able to accommodate your requests. Therefore, all you need to do is make some calls, and the experts will take care of the rest!

Choose a Company that Specializes in Hen Weekends

If, after considering your options, you make the wise decision to book a cottage for your hen weekend, you should look into Celebration Cottages as your primary source. With years of experience organising hen weekends of all types, the experts at Celebration Cottages will set you up with a cottage, and if desired, organise the perfect weekend getaway for any hen. Please visit their site here to see their luxury hen party packages. For any other queries, feel free to contact Celebration Cottages by phone on 01484 681083, or by email at

Hen Party & Group Activity - Personal Trainer

Fun and Healthy Activities for an Active Hen Do

Fun and Healthy Activities for an Active Hen Do

When most people think of hen parties, one of the last things that they’ll usually associate with them is healthy activities such as yoga or walking. But as the party lifestyle may not appeal to all hens, some prefer a more active and healthy hen weekend. These hens prefer to rent big cottages, and to spend their party being active and healthy.

Hen weekends that are healthy don’t have to be boring either, as there are numerous fun and healthy activities available to choose from. So here are some great ways for you and your closest friends to throw a hen party that won’t shorten your lifespans!

Group Yoga

The perfect balance of exercise and spirituality, yoga is a great way to connect with oneself while helping to build your core strength. This is a great activity to include for the hen that is in touch with her spiritual side, and also appreciates a little bit of sweat. There are plenty of companies that can help to arrange private yoga lessons for everyone that’s attending your hen do.

Walking in Nature

Walking through the countryside and appreciating its natural beauty is another great way to enjoy the company of your friends while getting a bit of exercise. If spending time getting fresh air and admiring nature is the future brides idea of a perfect weekend, and then it’s a good idea to consider renting a luxury mansion that is set in a beautiful location, such as in the mountains, or by a lake.

Private Chef to Cook Only Healthy and Delicious Cuisine

One of the most important fundamentals of maintaining a healthy body is eating nutritious food. Therefore, if your hen values her health and then it’s a good idea to have a company provide a private chef.

This way the menu can easily be controlled by you, and if you use a reputable chef from a company that you can trust, and then you can be assured that your food will be of incredibly high quality.

Outdoor Games

Another fun idea that keeps to the theme of a healthy hen weekend is holding some outdoor sporting activities.Trainers can be arranged to come and run through a variety of fun games that are sure to entertain.

Private Massage

After all the activities, the hen and the ladies can unwind with a private massage. This is great for the muscles, especially after all the activities that you’ll be engaging in throughout the day.

Rent a Big Cottage to Hold All Activities

In order to organize the perfect healthy hen weekend, you’re going to need a large place for you and the party guests to gather, sleep and hold activities. This is why it’s an excellent idea to rent a big cottage or luxury party house to host your hen do. When you rent from a company that specialises in hen parties, such as Celebration Cottages, not only will you get a beautiful home to hold your party, but they can help to arrange all activities as well, from outdoor games to yoga.

If you are looking for some ideas for your hen party, or have any other questions and then don’t hesitate to contact Celebration Cottages by phone on 01484 681083, or by email at; or click here to see their available rentals, all designed specifically with hen parties in mind.

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5 Great Hen Do Ideas for the Hen Who Likes to Party

5 Great Hen Do Ideas for the Hen Who Likes to Party

If the soon to be married hen in your life is the type of girl who loves to be the life of the party, it’s imperative that you throw her one incredible party for her hen weekend. As this will be her last party before she becomes a married woman, it’s vital that it’s one that she’ll remember for the rest of her life.

This needs to be the type of party that an entire weekend is devoted to, followed by at least another couple of days for recovering. So mark your calendars off from work, get your best hangover remedies ready, and get prepare for a wild weekend. Because by following these tips, you can throw one of the best hen parties that any of your girlfriends have ever seen!

Rent a Luxury Party House

For the perfect party weekend one of the first things that you need to do is book one of the many party houses that are available to rent through companies such as Celebration Cottages in the UK. Look for something with a hot tub and a pool, which is perfect for the hen who likes drink champagne while relaxing during her weekend away.

And if your hen likes to sing, then why not book a big cottage with a karaoke room attached?

This is an excellent way for you and the girls to sing and dance the night away without ever having to leave your beautiful chateau.

Naughty Wine Party

You could hardly call it a hen party without a muscular man in the buff there to wait on your (almost) every need as you happily consume copious amounts of wine – and this is precisely why your hen deserves a cheeky wine party.

This can easily be arranged through companies such as Celebration Cottages, who will provide a handsome young butler to serve you and your best friends wine and snacks as you lounge about your own luxury party house.

Cocktail Making Class

Any party girl is fond of her drinks, so teaching her a few new ones is a great way to spend one of your days as you recover from the night before. As most people know, one of the best hangover cures is a bit more alcohol, so by organising a cocktail making class you can drink away your hangover all while learning some new skills.

Full Bar

If you’re renting a luxury party house, it’s essential that you choose one with a well-stocked bar. This is a hen do, so there can be no risk of running out of alcohol!

By booking everything through a professional company, you can even be supplied with a bartender, whose clothing is, of course, optional.

Book a Luxury Hen Party Package

One of the simplest ways to go about creating the perfect hen party weekend is by booking through a company with years of experience organising hen weekends. Within the UK, Celebration Cottages is the ideal choice. From helping you locate the perfect party mansion, to offering a variety of holiday house packages and exciting luxury hen weekends, Celebration Cottages can handle absolutely everything.

So for a hassle-free hen party weekend contact Celebration Cottages to help organise everything, from your naked butler to your cocktail making class. Reach them by phone on 01484 681083, or by email at You can also browse their cottages and other hen party services online.


4 Fantastic Hen Party Themes That the Ladies Will Love

4 Fantastic Hen Party Themes That the Ladies Will Love

So it’s time to plan you best friend’s hen do, and you’re struggling to come up with some worthwhile ideas. Being a once in a lifetime event, hen parties not only should be unique, but something that everyone involved remembers for the rest of their lives.

One great way to go about making your hen weekend something that you, and most importantly the hen, will never forget is either by having a themed night, or by creating a theme for the whole weekend. This will not only help to make the party unique, but it will also lead to a more entertaining weekend by opening up the possibilities for plenty of exciting activities. Following are a few great ideas for themed hen weekends, although with a little imagination it’s possible to come up with countless other fun party ideas!

Tropical Pool Party

This is a great theme for the warmer months of the year. While this is a fun theme, one of its obvious requirements is a swimming pool. Therefore, to throw a tropical pool party, it’s a good idea to look into renting one of the many luxury party houses that are available.

Many of these party houses are supplied by companies specifically for the purpose of throwing hen parties, and therefore they can help to supply everything necessary for your themed party.

Casino Night

For the lucky bride to be, a casino night may be the perfect choice. Organising games of roulette, blackjack and croupiers will lead to an exciting night, especially for the hens that like to gamble.

Murder Mystery Night

If the soon to be bride is a fan of mystery novels, or loves theatrics, and then a murder mystery night may be the ideal unforgettable experience for her. Through companies such as Celebration Cottages, a team of actors can be arranged to create an interactive experience that won’t soon be forgotten.

This can all be arranged during a dinner party that is catered by a personal chef. A murder mystery theme will also include costumes and props in order to make it a more believable theatrical experience.

Karaoke and Dance Party Night

For the hen who likes to stay up late into the night singing and dancing, and then a karaoke and dance party themed weekend won’t disappoint. To make it truly unforgettable, you can even rent your own chateau that’ll includes a full bar and a karaoke room, all with plenty of space to dance the night away. This will truly spoil any hen whose idea of a good time is a night out at the club.

Book a Hen Holiday House Package

If you want to throw the perfect themed hen party and then it’s a smart idea to get in contact with the professionals over at Celebration Cottages. With their years of experience they can easily help to arrange a variety of themed luxury hen party packages to suit the needs of any luxury hen weekend. They will take on all the hassle and help you to organise the hen weekend that you and your hen deserve!

For help planning the perfect themed hen weekend, or for any other questions, please contact Celebration Cottages by phone on 01484 681083, or by email at


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The Essential Ingredients to the Perfect Hen Weekend

The Essential Ingredients to the Perfect Hen Weekend

So it’s finally happening, one of your besties is getting married and you’ve been chosen to be a bridesmaid. Although this is an honour, it comes with the enormous responsibility of organizing the perfect hen party for the bride to be. While this can be enough to cause stress in anybody’s life, it’s important to remember that hen weekends are supposed to be fun.  You want to help create an experience that the bride and all of her friends will remember for the rest of their lives.  For this reason it’s often easier to simplify things by employing the help of professionals, and paying for one of many luxury hen party packages that are available. Either way, whether paying for a package or not, there are several vital ingredients necessary to organizing the ideal weekend for the future bride!

Rent a Luxury Party House

The main ingredient to creating the perfect hen weekend is to have a beautiful place to stay. After dancing and drinking the nights away, you and your girlfriends are going to need a place to sleep it off. This will also be a gathering place, a place to hold your meals and most importantly, a place to party. The ideal house would be large enough to easily accommodate all of your guests, and have plenty of quality amenities such as a pool and hot tub. Much of your weekend will be spent here, so it’s vital that you choose the ideal location. By booking through a professional service that specializes in luxury hen weekends, you can easily locate big cottages or party houses that will meet any requirements that you may have.

Amazing Food

Great food is one of the essential ingredients to any good party, and a hen party is no exception. This is why you should consider hiring a private chef to accommodate your perfect party house. Sure, you could go out to a fancy restaurant, but this is a hen party, so that little extra bit of effort is what really makes it special.

Hire a Photographer

While I’m sure there will be plenty of things that will happen over the course of your weekend which absolutely should not be photographed, chances are there will be plenty of moments you’ll want to capture as well. Hiring a professional photographer to help to remember and share this special occasion with your loved is a must for any hen do.

Use the Professionals

This weekend will be one of the most important events in a young woman’s life.  So if you’ve been tasked with organizing it, the best route to making it perfect is by hiring those that specialize in planning hen parties. Whether looking to book luxury party houses, organize events for the special weekend or hire a private chef, the people at Celebration Cottages can assist you. Celebration Cottages has a variety of beautiful properties available for you to host the perfect hen weekend. For any further questions or assistance in planning your event, please contact us by phone at 01484 681083, or by email at


Great Ideas for a Relaxing Hen Weekend

Great Ideas for a Relaxing Hen Weekend

While many people have a tendency to focus on the party aspects of hen weekends, for many hens a party isn’t exactly what they’re looking. With all the stress of making sure that everything’s perfect for the wedding day, why not use the hen weekend as a chance for your hen and her girlfriends to take it easy and relax?

Organizing the weekends away of all those that have been invited to this momentous event is no simple task. Fortunately, the highly experienced professionals at Celebration Cottages can easily help you to put together the perfect girlie getaway for the hen that’s just looking for a nice weekend to be pampered and chill out. Here are some great suggestions for the ideal relaxing hen weekend.

Rent Your Own Private Villa

One big hassle that can easily be avoided is trying to figure out where to house all the guests. While there are a variety of options available, renting one of many holiday house packages or big cottages that are available through companies such as Celebration Cottages is sure to make the whole experience a lot more hassle free.  This weekend is supposed to be relaxing after all, so renting your private villa from a company that specializes in organizing hen parties can greatly simplify the whole entire process.

Make Sure Your Hen is Properly Pampered

No relaxing weekend would be complete without a little pampering. That’s why most ideal luxury hen weekends will include an array of indulgent activities that will make any hen feel completely spoiled.

From soothing spa treatments, to an excessive number of massages, if you want a properly pampered hen you need to go all out. This, as well as other relaxing treatments can easily be arranged through Celebration Cottages.

Arrange Some Fun yet Relaxing Activities

Just because your hen weekend is intended to be relaxing, doesn’t mean that it should be boring. There are a variety of fun, yet more low key activities that you can arrange for your perfect hen weekend.

First off, why not make your weekend an educational one? By arranging a laid back wine tasting or cocktail making course, you and the girls can enjoy some drinks and have a bit of fun, all while taking it easy. You could also arrange an exciting casino or murder mystery night, all while remaining snug in your beautiful villa. Another great and relaxing way that the future bride and her friends can spend a day is through organized yoga classes. These, and many other fun ways to spend you peaceful hen weekend can also be arranged through Celebration Cottages.

If you would like the organising process to be relaxing as well, and then don’t hesitate to contact Celebration Cottages. With years of experience organising hen parties, we can arrange ideal hen weekends in the UK. So let us handle all the stress involved in creating the perfect relaxing weekend for the hen in your life and contact us by phone at 01484 681083, or by email at

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Top Ways to Celebrate Your Hen Do in The UK

Top Ways to Celebrate Your Hen Do in The UK

Wedding preparation is an exciting time for any bride and her bridal party, and one of the most important factors before the big day is the hen party. This special time is perfect for getting your nearest and dearest together and having a fabulous time whether this is partying the night away in favourite club spots or enjoying a well-deserved break away from the bustle of stressful wedding prep.

A great way to get everyone together is by booking group accommodation for a weekend away. There are plenty of fantastic big cottages to choose from around the UK, plus you can decide to pamper your bridal squad to a luxury treat or go wild with a choice of party houses packed full of fun and group activities.

Take a look at some of the best options to make the most of the time with your girls.

Group getaways

Hen parties are far from your traditional night on the town anymore and a great way to celebrate and make the moment last a little longer is by taking your pick of a great range of holiday house packages for your best buddies and family members. The variety of locations also opens up a world of adventure, and you can choose to explore the beauty of the English countryside or stay closer to popular towns and cities for a party-fuelled celebration. Check out our new party houses here.

Luxury experiences

Pampering your bridal party is the perfect excuse to relax before the big day. Booking a retreat style celebration gives you a chance to kick back and indulge in some luxury treatments on your stay. You can enjoy everything from canapés and Prosecco to wine tasting and an onsite spa treatment. The choice is endless, plus for the icing on the cake, you’ll be set in a plush cottage in a stunning location for plenty of girly time.

Planning hen party activities

No hen party would be the same without lots of fun and frolics on your weekend away, so booking a luxury party house with an activities package will set you up, so you don’t have to lift a finger when you arrive. From chef’s that come and cook you and your ladies a fabulous feast to big cottages that have games rooms, karaoke, bars and hot tubs. You’ll have everything you need and won’t have to venture out to find the fun. If you’re looking for something a little different, then you can book a waiter to attend to your cocktail requirements during your stay or perhaps arranging a photo shoot would be ideal for ladies that want to capture this weekend away with a unique souvenir.

Planning a hen party is an exciting time and treating the ladies to something special is a great way to create treasured memories before the big day. If you’re looking for the perfect send-off, take a look at our range of luxury hen weekends and big cottages to hire. You can book your ideal party online or call Celebration Cottages on 01484 681083, and our team will help you find the perfect location and tell you all about our hen party packages.

Four Country Houses For Relaxing Hen Parties

Four Country Houses For Relaxing Hen Parties

If you’re considering what to do for yours or your best mates hen party, then you should be thinking about our luxury party houses. Perfect for hen weekends in the UK they have everything you can possibly imagine to make sure it’s a weekend that you’ll never forget. So, get the girls together and get planning! If you looking for a more chilled out event than a raucous party (although you can do that too – away from prying eyes!) take a look at these four luxury houses that can accommodate large hen weekends and choose your favourite for the best weekend away ever!

The one on the lake

Luxury Lake Mansion is located in a fairytale setting in Huddersfield. Perfect for chilling lakeside for a day or two, this beautiful house sleeps up to 26 people across 7 gorgeously appointed bedrooms. Sit outside and eat pizza on the terrace from the outdoor pizza oven or play games indoors if the weather’s a bit dismal. This stunning property also has a massage room so that you are the girls can be pampered without leaving the house. Warm evenings can be spent in the hot tub toasting your bride-to-be with Prosecco or lounging in the huge chairs with views of the lush gardens. Check it out here!

The one near the beach

Set both in the woods and by the sea, East Manor Cottage is one of our big cottages that can accommodate up to 22 people in the 10 sumptuous bedrooms. Breathe in big gulps of the sea air and work up an appetite for a three-course meal cooked by your own personal chef. The hot tub can be enjoyed in any weather as it’s covered, so you can admire the countryside from the steaming bubbles. A wine tasting class can be arranged out on the patio for our most sophisticated hens. Book it here!

The one with breathtaking Peak District views

Buxton Spa House and cottages is set amidst ten acres of pristine countryside in the Peak District. Spread across 4 properties, which you can reserve for your exclusive use, it can sleep up to 28 people, so no one will be left behind. The indoor pool will make you feel like you’re in heaven and there’s lots of space in the well-kept gardens to enjoy a pre-dinner drink or five. Gather in the lounge in front of the log fire for some party games, or learn to mix your favourite tipple with our masterful mixologist. Reserve Buxton Spa House Cottages for your hen party now!

The one with a subterranean spa!

This glorious townhouse will make you and your hens feel like royalty. The Roman Spa Townhouse is situated near plenty of shops and bars so you can venture out to party, or you can just stay in this elegant property and enjoy all it has to offer. It sleeps between 12 – 16 guests so you can have a more intimate gathering. The subterranean spa is a real highlight, heated to 39 degrees all year round, you can lounge here drinking bubbles like the Roman elite. Snuggle up in opulent bedrooms and have pampering treatments at the house. Book Roman spa for your girly getaway now.

Luxury Hen Party Packages From Celebration Cottages

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