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Hen Party Havens: Choosing the perfect Hen Party House

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Hen Party Havens: Choosing the perfect Hen Party House

So, you're planning a hen party. The group chat is all set and everyone is waiting for you to send some suggestions over. No pressure, right? Well, fear not, because we've got the inside scoop on some absolute gems of hen party houses that'll make your celebration legendary.

We've got some top tips on choosing your hen do house, and we've compiled a list of the most popular houses on our website, all of which are guaranteed to provide the perfect backdrop for an incredible hen party. Let's dive into the details and get this party planning started!

Choosing the right house for a hen party

Planning might seem simple at first glance, but regardless of your suggestions, pleasing everyone is an uphill battle. There's always a cousin with work commitments, or a best-friend-from-school who "went out in Leeds in 2017 and didn't really rate it". The best way to to kickstart your planning is by gathering essential information from everyone and establishing some key facts.

1. Location
Find out how far everyone is willing and able to travel and try to pick an area that suits everyone. Try to be sympathetic to people's travel preferences too; don't pick a middle-of-nowhere retreat if half of the party are arriving by train!

2. Facilities
What does the party need to be unforgettable? Big living spaces, outdoor hangouts, perhaps even a pool? Consider what facilities will get the party started. Get creative and add a personal touch to make it uniquely awesome!

3. Budget
Pin down what everyone is comfortable pitching in. Are they looking for a budget-friendly bash or pulling out all the stops? Once you know the budget, we can narrow down the options, ensuring a fantastic time that doesn't break the bank.

Some of our favourites
We've asked around the office, and these are some of the team's favourite houses. We think they're all amazing, see if you agree!
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Blossom Barn 23

A charming cottage nestled in Yorkshire's countryside, 25 - 30 minutes from Leeds. This amazing house has a fully equipped cinema room with karaoke and an outdoor hot tub area

  • Accommodation: Sleeps up to 14 guests
  • Amenities: Outdoor hot tub, cinema room with karaoke
  • Area: Near Leeds and Sheffield
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Tower View Escape

Sitting on a picturesque hillside in West Yorkshire and commanding stunning views of Wainhouse Tower and the valley below, this property includes many luxury features, including a disco room, karaoke, cocktail bar and an outdoor hot tub.

  • Accommodation: Sleeps up to 20 guests
  • Amenities: Outdoor hot tub, disco room with karaoke
  • Area: Near Leeds and Halifax
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Chateau 1803

Tucked away in Huddersfield, Chateau 1803 is the ultimate spot for a fancy escape. Picture this: a massive indoor spa room with a top-notch hot tub and sauna, a games and karaoke room for some good times, and even your own disco.

  • Accommodation: Sleeps up to 30 guests
  • Amenities: Indoor hot tub, disco room with karaoke
  • Area: Near Leeds, Huddersfield and Manchester
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Stone-Acre Retreat

This luxurious retreat offers the best of both worlds with its prime location - close to the centre of Harrogate whilst at the same time surrounded by countryside. Inside, indulge in the indoor spa room with two hot tubs, a steam room, and a massage area. The party room with two bars and a selfie wall is ideal for celebrations, while the karaoke system, complete with a stage and disco lights, promises endless fun.

  • Accommodation: Sleeps up to 31 guests
  • Amenities: Indoor hot tub, karaoke system, selfie wall
  • Area: Harrogte, near Leeds and York
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Luxe Wellness Retreat

This is the ultimate house to relax and unwind, complete with an open plan wellness spa. This boasts its very own thermal room – with heated tiled benches and a Himalayan salt brick wall, a state of the art hot tub, massage beds and changing room facilities

  • Accommodation: Sleeps up to 22 guests
  • Amenities: Outdoor hot tub, cinema room with karaoke
  • Area: Near Huddersfield and Leeds

So, what next?

Whatever you choose, the next step is to pick a venue. That's where we come in with our list of amazing hen party houses. Check them out and start planning the perfect hen party now!

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